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From Ground to Roof
We've Got You Covered

Shed    Size    Price 

4x8           32ft²        $3200

4x10         40ft²        $3600

4x12         48ft²        $3800

6x8           48ft²        $3900
6x10         60ft²        $4800
6x12         72ft²        $5500

8x8           64ft²        $4600
8x10         80ft²        $5200
8x12         96ft²        $5900
8x16         128ft²      $7000

10x10       100ft²      $5800

10x12       120ft²      $6700

10x14       140ft²      $7600

10x16       160ft²      $7800

10x20       200ft²      $9500

12x12       144ft²      $7500

12x16       192ft²      $8700

  12x20       240ft²      $10500

Price includes:

Complete On-Site Installation

5-Year Workmanship Warranty

Price does not include taxes


Paying Credit Card is a 2.4% Charge

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Shed Options

Extra Sliding Windows - $350ea

white vinyl, sliding, has screen.

Sheds ≤ 80 ft² include one window

Sheds > 80 ft² include two windows

Shed Window

Transom Window doors - $400 pair

Set in door or above door


24" Workbench - $15 / Linear Ft

Custom built to be full width of the shed and is 24" deep.

Can be any height (36" standard)


32" Deep Loft - $20 / Linear Ft

Custom built to be full width of the shed and is 32" deep.

Higher and Wider for more storage


Heavy Duty Ramp - $250

If you have a ride on mower or snow blower then you will want this ramp. We build them to withstand heavy loads.


Dormer - $2750

Add a little extra light and style into your new shed with the dormer upgrade. Note that the shed must be at least 10 Ft wide to accommodate this option.


Extra 5' Wide Double Doors - $600

Sometimes customers may want two sets of double doors for easier access into the shed. 


Extra Single Door - $475

Single door is 36" wide normally and comes with a matching key if your shed also has double doors

Single and Double doors

Custom Painting - $4 / Ft²

($250 Minimum)

We offer custom painting of your sheds. If you would like different color than the standard tan. We use Benjamin Moore Premium Paint.


Old Shed Demolition $11 Ft²

We offer shed demo and removal service in our local area.

Example: 10x10 Old Shed = 100 ft² so the price would be $1100 to demo and dump.


Extra High Side Walls

   Standard Side Wall is 6.5ft Tall

   Shed Size       Price for High Walls

     <80 ft²       7ft $250   8ft $400

80-160 ft²       7ft $350   8ft $575

   >160 ft²       7ft $450   8ft $750

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